Wednesday, March 17, 2010

how to teach toddler a number

Just now, I have google about how to teach toddler a number. Actually, after kyra already know the ABC, I want to teach her to read. But, my hubby said it's better to teach her number before reading. I think he right, I should introduce number to kyra before teach her to to read. So, I do google and this is the way I found. Anyone who read this entry can add anything if you have a other way.

1.count with them
while eat their favourite food etc count the cookies,you can count while climb stair with them, during the bath time.

2. make or buy flash card
I prefer hand made. Just write the number on papar and cut it. Or if your afraid your handwritting can make your children confused..haha...just print it..

3.Magnetic number
This help me when I teach kyra alphabet.

4.Write and say loud with them
Just write down and say loud.

5. Education cd or dvd
If you have no time so this is the solution. Just buy an education cd about number and let you child watch. again and again.

This kind of ways actually more suitable for toddler like kyra's age. Anyone of you have an experience of the way to teach number. you can share here......:)

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Lina Rahim said...

like no 1. practical yet flexible