Tuesday, June 23, 2009

okinokiyo giveaway

Ok.. it's okinokiyo aka mai turn. ok what we have to do is

1. Copy the image to your blog.

2. Make an entry of 
   i)why you should win the bag and 

i should win that bag because i want it...hihi.ok ok...i want it to keep my daughter duit angpow during this coming raya. - ok tak mai...bagi kat saya ok..
   ii)why you like my blog.

this is special question. i really like your blog because you always wrote something that always inspired me especially in business online thingy. I really like your blog because you are good  in giving tips and your story are not bored. huhu..terlebih kipas sudah

3.Mention www.okinokiyo.com in that entry 

already done

4.Drop a comment to notify me and the link back for me to review.

done also

if you want to take a chance win this bag visit www.okinokiyo.com.....mai...please let me win ok...hahaha....

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