Saturday, July 19, 2008

kyra first solid food

i already start kyra her solid food. start gave her last week but it's just once a day. maybe after she exactly 6 month then i will give her twice a day. so i start with pumpkin.huhu....first day i steam the pumpkin until tender then i blend it. gave to kyra just 2 spoon..well it's for beginner...takut dier shock pulak kan...second day i just boil the pumpkin then blend it..done that until 3 day..actually it seem like kyra does'nt like pumpkin sebab macam payah sangat dier nak habiskan...that time i already't my baby are not ready for solid food..the fourth day i change the menu..its a potato with carrot...guess what...she really like it...sampai marah marah kalo aku lambat skit..hahaha....syok tgk dier makan the recipe is continue until today...but i'm just thinking to change the menu for tomorrow..maybe with fruit....this is all the photo i taken on her first day and second day with pumpkin....

ready to eat
pumpkin puree


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